Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I switched: AT&T

I have had a love-hate relationship with my iPhone since the day I got it.  Ultimate power (muhuhahahaha!) in my pocket, yet completely unable to do the first few things I wanted it to do.  I couldn't copy files to it, couldn't copy my music collection to it, and compile existing code for it for it.  It refused to run apps in the background (fixed now).  The Bluetooth doesn't work with the Bluetooth on my Mac.  And the phone doesn't even show as a USB flash drive when you plug it in: WTF???  But after time I too learned to drink that oh so tasty kool-aid.  The voice search was wonderful, answers to bar trivia flowed faster than the beer, and the birds had a good reason to be angry.  But since I couldn't get AT&T service from my home or my work, the device became an expensive toy.  PHONE FIRST, APPS SECOND.

AT&T's solution to service issues is to sell you a microcell.  That absolutely was not possible at the office, and I was under this (obviously mistaken) impression that I paid AT&T to provide service.  If I buy a cell tower and provide the bandwidth then what am I paying a monthly fee for…?  Their staff was unhelpful on this issue.  They would look at a map and say "well, that area is covered."  I wonder if AT&T employees would drive across a lake if the map said there was a bridge there.

I'll talk about Android in my next post.

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