Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slide to unlock

Samsung unlock screen
Instead of "Slide to unlock" we get "fit puzzle to unlock" which seems like a way to get around some Apple patent.  It functions just like the iPhone except once you start to receive voice mails and text messages.  At that point, you get different puzzle pieces which unlock to various screens.  So you can go directly to the message screen, or the visual voice mail, or answer a call.  It makes total sense.

Apparently this is a Samsung thing, so good job Samsung.  So too is the screen shot capability I used here.  The Droid Charge lets you take screen shots by holding down the Back button for 3 seconds then pressing the Home button.  The screen shots get dumped into a ScreenCaptures folder off the root.  Yay for USB mass storage mode!  Apparently other Android phones require a bunch of downloads and installs to be able to take screen shots.  This earns Google a smack-in-the-back-of-the-head.

Since everything in Android is customizable, I assume there is some App to make it a Rubik's cube or a dancing Android or something.

This is the same screen showing a text message and 3 voice mails. I love how there are two clocks on the screen showing different times.

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