Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new phone

Vital Stats

Samsung Droid Charge
About 1.5 iPhones
Battery life:
Barely 1 full day of charge
Oversaturated, but pretty
Same as iPhone

I got this over the HTC Thunderbolt despite loving HTC for not locking their bootloaders.  The real blow here is that the Thunderbolt is buggy, and the battery life is really really bad.  I can handle buggy...  Maybe.  But without decent battery life it can't even be a decent phone.  PHONE FIRST, APPS SECOND.  Supposedly, the display shows better in the sunlight than the Thunderbolt, although I don't think does any better than any other screen I've seen.. errr… not seen… in sunlight.

First impression

Imagine someone simultaneously choking and burping simultaneously, while trying to say the word "DRRROIIIDDD!"  That is the default sound on my phone.  My first smack-on-the-back-of-the-head goes out to the Google marketing team for this one.

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