Monday, July 18, 2011

The calendar reminders are just wrong

I love the reminder options on my Android phone.  I would love them more if they worked.  My phone sends me reminders at seemingly random times.  Here is one example:

At 11:53 on the 13th, I get a reminder about Artscape.  It tells me that Artscape is Thursday the 14 through Sunday the 17th.  Oops!  That should be Fri 15th through Sunday the 17th.  Did I enter it wrong?

Nope, I didn't enter that it was on Thursday the 14th.  So what is on the 15th?

There it is, on Friday 15th. So what happened?
And here are the details which confirm it entered as Friday the 15th.  So why did it remind me a full two days ahead of time, and why does the date range on the reminder screen show something different from the calendar screen?  Surely I am not the first person to ever actually use the reminder feature?  How can QA miss something like this?
Also, the details screen looks odd.  First we see the event name and date range.  Then we see my name and the text "D - 2" then the next attendee with a question mark.  There is no heading that says "Attendees" like how it says "Alarm" and no indication as to what the question mark means.  Clicking on it does nothing.  Does anyone know what that icon is for?

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